The fight goes Far East in For Honor: Marching Fire

Ubisoft’s popular melee combat title, For Honor will be receiving its biggest post-launch update on October 16th. Titled Marching Fire, this expansion will introduce many new characters to the fray.

Available as part of the Marching Fire update are four new Heroes of the Wu Lin – a new faction inspired by ancient Chinese martial arts. The four new Heroes include the Tiandi, the Jiang Jun, the Nuxia, and the Shaolin, who have traveled from the east to escape a civil war that has consumed their homeland following the cataclysm. Each consumed by their own motivations, ranging from betrayal to personal tragedies, these Wu Lin Heroes bring a brand-new set of weaponry and fighting styles to add more versatility to the battlefield.

In addition to the Wu Lin fighters, Marching Fire will feature new online modes as well as more content for the PvE aspect of the game. The former takes the shape of a new 4v4 battle, which you can learn more about here. All players, regardless of whether they’ve purchased the Marching Fire expansion, will benefit from technical enhancements to the game on October 16th as well. Furthermore, Ubisoft is generously offering the Starter Edition of For Honor free of charge through Uplay until June 18th. To complement this, all versions of the game on PC will be able to purchase For Honor at discounted prices up to 75% off. Console players aren’t left out either, as they can utilize this discount as well. Check out the cinematic trailer above, and stay tuned to Gaming Trend for more on For Honor: Marching Fire, and all the surprises E3 2018 has to offer.

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