The End is Nigh for the Monty Python & the Holy Grail Board Game BackerKit

The end is nigh – or is it ni? For the Monty Python & the Holy Grail Board Game BackerKit, which has less than two days to go. As of now more than $270,000 has been raised so far for this hilarious board game interpretation of the classic film. You can check out the BackerKit here, watch a discussion with the designers above, and read below for a few more details:

Fellow knights,

The great quest for the Holy Grail is coming to its close, but we want to make sure the new Monty Python board game comes to your home and game nights! The BackerKit campaign is down to its final 48 hours and the clock is ticking fast! Or at least at the rate that clocks usually tick. The end is ni for all our dear adventuerers, or is it nigh?

We are so close to hitting an additional stretch goal too! When the project passes the $275,010 mark, every backer on the game will be getting a fun additional meeple playing pieces added to their package. We don’t want fans to miss out on this clever addition to the game, so please share the BackerKit link around with as many fellow gamers as you can to make sure we hit that mark!

In just a few days the campaign will end and we’ll be hard at work beginning the manufacturing process for this holy grail of a board game. We’re exciting to get things rolling and get the game in your hands, but let’s finish out strong!

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