The Call of Duty blog has released a huge recap of everything available in multiplayer at launch

The official Call of Duty blog has released an incredibly in-depth look at everything that will be available in multiplayer when Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II launches on October 28th, 2022. You can check out the breakdown here. Included in the multiplayer will be classic 6v6 modes, battle maps with large player counts and vehicular combat, the ability to choose a Perk Package, Field Upgrade, and Killstreak, etc. Below you will find just a small portion of the details provided on the blog, so be sure to check out the blog for the full breakdown:

Prepare for the Next Era of Multiplayer

Infinity Ward developed a finely tuned, innovative Multiplayer experience for Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® II.

Continuing the legacy of the Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® series, Modern Warfare® II will have a robust Multiplayer offering at launch, from classic 6v6 modes and new favorites to the addition of Battle Maps featuring large player counts and vehicular combat.

Everything within this guide is what you can expect on day one. This includes the modes and Playlists you will see, the regions you will be deployed to across Core and Battle Maps, and overviews of three Multiplayer-exclusive concepts: the ability to choose a Perk Package, Field Upgrade, and Killstreaks.

All of that is built around the Modern Warfare II engine, which makes Multiplayer a great place to learn some new tactics.

Here is what you can do in Multiplayer at launch, starting with the Playlists you might see in the main menu:

Game Modes

Modern Warfare II Multiplayer offers two distinct mode categories at launch, based on the type of map they are played on: Core Map modes and Battle Map modes.

Core Map Modes (6v6)

Free-for-All: Eliminate everyone. The first player to reach 30 eliminations ends the match, with the top three performers claiming victory.

Team Deathmatch: Call of Duty® in its purest form. Use teamwork to eliminate enemy players and reach the score limit. The first team to obtain 75 eliminations wins the match.

Domination: Compete for control of three zones marked by flags — A, B, and C. Captured zones accrue points over the course of one round. The first team to reach 200 points wins the match.

Hardpoint: Capture the Hardpoint and hold it against attack. The Hardpoint location rotates every minute, with the position of the next Hardpoint being indicated in the last 10 seconds of the previous zone. The first team to earn 250 points wins the match.

Headquarters: Work to capture the Headquarters, then dig in and defend. Respawns are disabled for the team that holds the HQ. Once the HQ is taken offline, a new zone is designated for the next one. The first team to earn 200 points wins the match.

Control: Take turns attacking and defending two objectives. Each team shares a pool of 30 lives. If the attacking team successfully takes out one objective, they will gain more time to complete the second. The defending team can win the round by letting the time run out before the objectives are taken. Either team can additionally win by eliminating all 30 lives of the other team. The first team to win three rounds wins the match.

Prisoner Rescue: Locate the hostages and get them out alive or prevent their extraction at all costs. No respawns. Team revives are enabled. The Attackers must find two hostages and carry them either out or protect at the extraction point – each hostage is worth 100 points. Defenders must prevent their extraction at all costs and hold them together in their spawn area until the round’s timer expires –  each hostage not carried nor captured by the attackers are worth 50 points. The first team to earn 500 points wins the match.

Knock Out: Both teams fight over a bag of Cash located in the middle of the map. No respawns. Team revives are enabled. Run over the Cash to grab it. The team that holds the bag at the end of the round or that eliminates the entire enemy team wins the round. The first team to take five rounds wins the match.

Search & Destroy: Teams take turns defending and destroying an objective. No respawning. Attackers win a round by eliminating all defenders before or after the bomb is planted, or successfully planting a bomb and having it explode. Defenders win a round by eliminating all attackers before the bomb is planted, by not allowing the bomb to be planted within the round’s time limit, or by defusing the bomb once it is planted. The first team to take four rounds wins the match.

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