The Archangel: Hellfire Early Access brings new maps and off-rails 2v2 multiplayer combat

Archangel: Hellfire explodes into Early Access today, bringing with it destructible maps, new mechs, and the fan-requested off-rails Team Deathmatch, an intense 2V2 multiplayer combat mode. Early Access Battle Training is available to everyone who already owns a copy of Archangel, giving early adopters a full month to learn the ropes of off-rail mecha-on-mecha combat before Hellfire’s official release, which is slated for the end of June.

Archangel: Hellfire is set after the events of the singleplayer campaign, when both HUMANIX, a corporation turned into an autocratic regime out of a desire to “heal the world,” no matter the human cost, and the United States Free Forces, a group of resistance fighters risking it all to stop them, have begun mass producing their own giant war mechs. Hellfire features six playable robots, a light, medium, and heavy model for both sides, each model featuring its own, unique weapons, skills, and playstyle.

“With your rockets and special abilities, you can actually cut through the environment,” explained Guy Costantini, Vice President of Global Interactive Marketing for Skydance. “So you can knock out cover, for example, or destroy the bridges that connect you to where energy and health drops are. So you can run out of the ability to reach the drops without expending energy, because every time you hover and jump it uses ten energy. There’s a careful balance to be played, and the classes all play their own role.”

The full release will feature three new maps, PVP, and a Cooperative Mode, where players can team up to take on hordes of enemies, or play through the story-driven singleplayer campaign together. We loved Archangel, giving it an 85 in our PSVR review last year.

Anyone can take advantage of the Archangel: Hellfire Early Access Training by picking up a copy of the base Archangel game, which is available on Steam and Oculus. You can learn more about the Hellfire expansion at the official website, and be sure to check out our thoughts from our hands-on demo of Hellfire. Early Access kicks off June 25th and runs until June 28, when Archangel: Hellfire will officially launch worldwide.

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