That’s no Spartan, that’s a pirate ship with a Halo and Sea of Thieves collaboration

If you wanted more Halo news after Halo Infinite, you may be in luck: Rare has teamed up with 343 Industries to release a special Spartan-themed ship for Sea of Thieves. Players will only need to play the game from now until Saturday in order to claim this green-clad beauty.

We’ve worked with our friends at 343 Industries, a fellow member of the Xbox Game Studios family, to offer you an exciting freebie: a brand new ship livery inspired by the Halo universe.

A must for any Halo and Sea of Thieves fan, this set features the colours and iconography of UNSC and the indomitable Spartans… and it’s free!


Capturing this crossover swag is simple. Anyone who plays Sea of Thieves at any time between the Inside Xbox unveiling on Mon‍day Ju‍ne 10‍th and 2‍3:5‍9 BST on Sat‍urday Ju‍ne 15‍th will receive the livery. If you’re at E3, you can also earn it by playing Sea of Thieves on the show floor.

Comprising the Spartan Figurehead, Hull, Sails and Flag, your livery will be dropshipped into your account within 72 hours of your first eligible game session.

Now: finish the fight!

Check out our review of Sea of Thieves, and stay tuned for more E3 news here on Gaming Trend.


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