TerraMaster launches affordable 4-bay private cloud NAS

As the process of backing up becomes easier, teams like TerraMaster are looking to help folks secure their own data simpler than ever.  To that end, they’ve launched a new affordable Quad Core NAS called the F4-212, F4-212-1G, and a larger brother in the F4-212-2G.  All three of these systems are equipped with an ARM V8.2 Cortex A55 64-bit processor, running at 1.7 GHz, with the 1G and 2G models having either a gig or two of additional memory, respectively.  This means it’s more than capable of not only storing your data, but also acting as a powerful video server, easily pushing H.265 video at 4K/60.  Let’s dig into the specs a bit:

Latest Processor
Compared with the previous generation F4-210, the F4-212 is equipped with a more powerful ARM V8.2 Cortex-A55 64-bit 1.7GHz quad-core Realtek 1619B processor and independent NPU. Built-in floating point unit (FPU) and NEON SIMD engine, video DSP hardware acceleration, and also has more powerful H.265 4K 60FPS video decoding and H.264 1080p 60FPS video encoding. Compared with the previous generation RTD1296, the performance is improved by 40%.

Enhanced User-Friendly Design
The F4-212 NAS case embraces a tool-free hard disk tray, eliminating the need for extra tools during installation. Additionally, TerraMaster innovative Push-Lock design automatically secures inserted hard disks, preventing accidental disconnections or offline issues. The F4-212 incorporates a new structure that not only integrates enhanced shock-absorbing measures but also introduces TerraMaster special sound-absorbing panels to minimize the noise. The noise is only 21dB.

New Operating System
The F4-212, running the latest TOS 5.1, meets diverse business needs, enhances speed, security, and user-friendliness. Supporting a single HDD up to 22TB and total of 44TB, it backs up data from Windows PC, MAC, mobile, HDD enclosure, and network disk for centralized management, preventing data loss due to hardware issues or ransomware.

Rich Backup Solutions
The F4-212 backup solution can provide robust measures and ensure the well-being of your valuable information by using its visual user interfaces and trustworthy storage solutions thanks to its integration with multiple backup applications such as Duple Backup, TSSS, TFM Backup, CloudSync and more, which can address backup needs in any circumstances.

Home Multimedia Center
The F4-212 features powerful 4K video hardware decoding capability, and is compatible with uPnP/DLNA protocol. With TerraMaster dedicated “Multimedia Server” app or third-party multimedia servers (Emby, Plex), it can stream videos to a variety of multimedia devices including smart phones, tablets, Roku, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, and smart TV, delivering users constant, reliable entertainment experiences.

Across-Platform File Services
The F4-212 file server supports all mainstream file services: SMB, NFS, SFTP/FTP, AFP, iSCSI, WebDAV; and is provided with multiple permission management of users, user groups, and folder, meeting across-platform file services in various network environments.

More Flexible Mobile Access
Users can access the TNAS device anytime and anywhere on TNAS Mobile 3 iOS or Android client, which enables users to browse files, back up albums and share photos as and when they please. The TerraMaster mobile client is even equipped with a mobile administrator for easy remote management of your TNAS at home, further improving the flexibility of use.

The great news is that we have one of these units in our lab, and we’ll be going over the entire device with a fine tooth comb in an upcoming review.  Just as a bit of a preview on that review, this device delivers in a big way, and the newest OS from TerraMaster has made provisioning easier than ever.

You can pick up the F4-212 (the 2 bay model), as well as the F4-212-2G (4 bay model with 2 gigs of memory) today, with the F4-212-1G (4 bays with 1 gig of memory) available shortly.  Stay locked here for our full review very soon!

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