Terra Invicta is the latest victim to delays, pushed to Q2 2022. Delay trailer released

Unfortunately, another game has fallen victim to the nonstop delay train, this time Terra Invicta. The alien invasion based strategy game has been pushed back to Q2 2022. Read below for more details:

DALLAS – 11th November 2021 – Terra Invicta, the grand strategy alien invasion game developed by the team behind XCOM and XCOM 2’s Long War mods Pavonis Interactive, is delayed until Q2 2022.

The game is ranked among the top 50 most wishlisted upcoming games on Steam and is currently approaching completion, but the decision was made to postpone the title’s launch from the original late 2021 release to ensure full time for late-game balancing and AI enhancement.

“Developing Terra Invicta over the past 4 years has been an amazing journey,” said John Lumpkin, creative director of Terra Invicta. “All main features are in place and the game is being polished ahead of launch, but we decided a delay was important to ensure the release fully lives up to player expectations.”

“John and the whole team at Pavonis have been doing a phenomenal job with Terra Invicta,” said Tim Bender, CEO of Terra Invicta’s publisher Hooded Horse. “The development team has a firm commitment to ensuring the game’s quality is not in any way sacrificed or rushed, and we are

glad to support them in this. We know there will always be some amount of disappointment from fans eager to begin playing, but delaying is the right choice to ensure they get an experience that fully lives up to their expectations.”

A delay announcement trailer was released today, showcasing alien megafauna on Earth and a new set of spacecraft for the human factions.

Terra Invicta can be wishlisted on Steam and GOG.

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