TERA’s level cap to increase from 65 to 70 in early 2019

Following the BAF Master’s update, En Mass Entertainment gave a few details on the first few months of updates to come to the PC version of TERA in 2019. One of these features is an increased level cap from 65 to 70.

Of course, this level cap isn’t without reason. To coincide with the increase will be new sidequests and a new open-world boss system. Before that March update are a few minor updates and events. On January 15th, V79 will be released, which includes class and skill balancing as well as more PvP changes such as Battleground updates. February will see events for Lunar New Year and Valentine’s Day.

TERA will receive more updates throughout 2019, as what’s currently known is just a roadmap of the first quarter. For more information on these updates, visit the official website.

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