TEAMGROUP Launches T-FORCE XTREEM DDR5, Built for Maximum Overclocking

TEAMGROUP is on a roll today, announcing another new high-end series series of RAM aimed squarely at gamers. This newest iteration, the T-FORCE XTREEM, is a set of DDR5 modules that come in 7600 MT/s, 8000 MT/s, and 8200 MT/s, and all with on-die ECC!  Built for stability and speed, these should provide pure raw power, coupled with a two-piece heat spreader to dissipate heat while still retaining maximum overclock abilities.  Let’s look at the details:

T-FORCE XTREEM DDR5 memory demonstrates incredible overclocking performance to satisfy overclocking enthusiasts around the world. Not only using 2mm-thick aluminum alloy fin heatsinks to enhance its thermal capacity, but also uses special heat-conducting silicone to tightly adhere the heatsinks with the memory to achieve the most optimal cooling effect. The surface is also treated with an anodized surface that is resistant to acid, corrosion, rust and is non-electrically conductive, providing gamers with greater peace of mind. The T-FORCE XTREEM DDR5’s two-piece heat spreader is made of thick metal and underwent sandblasted surface treatment to give it the appearance of hard basalt and the matte black texture reminiscent of a black sand beach. Users can enjoy the excellent overclocking capabilities of the XTREEM DDR5 while admiring its elegant design.

These will be available at the end of October on Amazon and Newegg in North America.  Like the C-series drives they just announced, we’ll be taking a closer look at these memory modules in synthetic and real-world application testing very soon, so stay tuned!


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