Tchia’s releases a new challenges and encounters spotlight video

Tchia‘s release is just a week away and developer Awaceb has released a new video showcasing many of the challenges and encounters players will stumble upon during their playthrough. Collectibles, a slightshot shooting range, races, and more await for you to bide your time on your journey to defeat Maano. You can check out the new video above and read below for more details:

Island explorers,

With Tchia’s release only a short week away, developer Awaceb is ready to give you a deeper look at just how you’ll be spending your time on the gorgeous, New Caledonia-inspired island it’s created. Aside from defeating the Maano, Tchia’s rich world contains plenty for you to discover and explore.

While you’re trying to save your home, you can kick back and take a break with some more relaxed activities. Show off your slingshot skills at the shooting range, race on foot, by boat or by seagull in time attack races or flip out in a diving competition.

If you’re more into exploring, plenty of collectibles have been scattered around for you to discover. Dive deep into the ocean and climb to the mountaintops to collect every treasure waiting for you, all which can be exchanged for cosmetics for Tchia and her boat. Or, if you’re a bigger fan of arcades than the outdoors, you can try your luck at a claw machine for some fancy new duds. Either way, you’ll be able to look your best.

Some other activities play directly into leveling up Tchia’s fantastic powers. Try your hand at rock balancing to discover new Soul Melodies for your Ukulele and carve wooden totems to unlock Totem Shrine doors. With plenty to discover outside of these tasks, you’ll always find something new and mysterious in the world of Tchia.

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