Tchia gameplay series episode 4 shows off playable Ukulele

Episode 4 of Tchia’s gameplay featurettes focus on the playable ukulele you’ll wield. The musical instrument won’t simply be something you pull out and play to pass the time but will feature both exploration and combat utilities. Tchia is almost here as the game launches on March 21, 2023, for PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium subscribers will have access to Tchia on day 1 as well. Check below for more fun details on Tchia’s Ukulele:

Tchia - Gameplay Series (4/7) - Ukulele

From turning the environment into the ultimate tool with her unique soul-jumping ability, to her trusty slingshot, everything at Tchia’s disposal is important and useful in moment-to-moment gameplay. However, one of its most unique features is also one of its most unassuming: the ukulele. Watch how players can harness the powers of Tchia’s magical ukulele with just a few strums in the latest gameplay feature for Tchia.

Though players can jam to their heart’s content whenever they want, Tchia’s ukulele also has some unique abilities. Through unlockable magical tunes called Soul Melodies, Tchia can affect the world around her and unlock new items and objects to give her the edge in exploration and combat.

But if you’re looking for a fully-playable ukulele, Tchia’s go-to instrument can do just that. Players can experiment with an entire musical scale, strings can be plucked and chords can be tweaked, meaning you’re able to play whatever you want.

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