Take part in medieval warfare like never before with Chivalry 2

Torn Banner Studios, alongside TripWire Interactive, revealed Chivalry 2 at the PC Gaming Show earlier this morning. Targeting a 2020 release date on PC, Chivalry 2 looks to build upon the success of the first title and bring medieval battles back like never before. Expect to take part in groundbreaking cavalry charges, castle sieges, and ambushes on a massive scale with 64 player battles being announced.

One of the main focuses of Chivalry 2 will be its focus on epic cinematic experiences. In the mood for an emotional struggle of power similar to Braveheart? Select between a vast array of emotes that help set the mood of an intense battle. Feeling more of a casual playthrough with laughs in between similar to Monty Python? Select emotes that will have you laughing as you dive head first into battle. The opportunities are endless in Chivalry 2, and the developers want you to experience them in all of its glory.

Of course, there will be a large arsenal of weapons to choose from as well. With the promise of listening closely to the community, TripWire Interactive promises new ways to approach the battlefield. Choose your weapon wisely, and fight to the death. Just make sure they are dead though before finding your next target. For the first time in a Chivalry game, Chivalry 2 introduces a new and improved combat system with all new animations, including continuing the fight with missing limbs. It truly will be an experience like no other.

There was no mention of the title coming to consoles, but it’s always a possibility later on down the development cycle. Chivalry 2 will be debuting on the EPIC games store and will release on other PC platforms 12 months later. For more information of Chivalry 2, be sure to stay tuned right here on Gaming Trend for any updates.

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