Take a train to the final destination, The Final Station now available on Nintendo Switch

As previously mentioned during the HelloSwitch event, The Final Station is the first of six tinyBuild titles coming to Nintendo Switch and it is available today in North America.

The Final Station is one of our top-rated games. Created by a 2 man Russian indie studio Do My Best Games, The Final Station takes you on a journey through a Soviet-inspired post-apocalyptic world. It’s a story driven action survival game where you play as a train conductor. Scavenge for resources, fight off the infected, and make your way to the final station. Featuring “The Only Traitor” DLC that takes the story on the road, I’m hoping you enjoy the game in its first portable form.

The Nintendo Switch version features the full game and “The Only Traitor” DLC. While available now in North America, Europe will have to wait until February 27th. It has been localized in English, Russian, Germand, French, Spanish, Portuguese,  Simplified Chinese, Italian, and Polish.

The Final Station is available now on Nintendo Switch in North American for $19.99. To learn more about this title, visit the official website.

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