Tactical RPG action – Dark Deity available now on Steam

In a surprise announcement during Freedom Games’ live E3 stream, Dark Deity was released on Steam. Dark Deity is a tactical RPG in the vein of Fire Emblem; it is developed by Sword and Axe and published by Freedom Games.

Dark Deity - Launch Trailer

Taking inspiration from beloved strategy RPGs of old, Dark Deity brings the genre back to its roots. Thirty fully voiced characters, including the likes of Kira Buckland (Nier Automata, Persona 5 Strikers) and 50+ are available to be unlocked and customized. The Grave Wounds system also breathes new life into retro perma-death systems. Decisions in battle will determine how units bond, leading to hundreds of character interactions and possible romantic pairings.
The game features over 300 weapons and spells for players to take advantage of in their battle to bring peace to the realm. For fans of Fire Emblem and similar games, this is definitely one to check out as it seems to take many queues from older entries in the series.
Dark Deity is now available on Steam with a 20% launch week discount until June 22.
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