Tactical FPS Ready or Not will launch on December 13th

VOID Interactive announced today that their tactical FPS Ready or Not will leave early access and launch on December 13th with new missions, a significant overhaul of its existing content, and a new immersive commander mode. You can check out the launch trailer above and read below for more details:

Cork, Ireland – Dec. 8, 2023 – VOID Interactive today announced its tactical FPS Ready or Not will launch on Dec. 13. Leaving Early Access with a massive 1.0 update, players will be able to dive deep into the immersive single-player campaign – Commander Mode. The 1.0 release update significantly expands the number of missions, completely overhauls prior missions, and offers much more additional content, customizations, and quality of life improvements.

In Ready or Not, players take on the role of a Los Sueños Police Department SWAT commander dispatched to defuse various high-risk scenarios including hostage situations, active bomb threats, barricaded suspects, and more.

At launch, Ready or Not features:

*Commander Mode: A full, immersive single-player mode offering an insight into the high-stakes reality of SWAT officers.
*18 single-player or online cooperative missions with up to five players, from hostage situations to bomb threats and more.
*Dozens of options to customize a player’s entire SWAT team including armor, weapons, apparel, and more.
*Immersive tactical gameplay, full flexibility of approach, and authentic equipment that SWAT teams utilize in the field.

“From the beginning, we always envisioned Ready or Not to tackle realistic cases. We haven’t shied away from designing missions that paint a vivid reality of [the worst of] what SWAT forces deal with,” said Stirling Rank, COO and Lead Developer at VOID Interactive. “If you are looking for an intense gaming experience, that challenges you on the world you know – Ready or Not will offer an unforgettable playthrough.”

Ready or Not is already a fantastic tactical FPS, building out an extensive fanbase from our release into Steam Early Access,” said Julio Rodriguez, CEO of VOID Interactive. “With Ready or Not approaching 1.0 release, the team has brought to audiences an incredibly meaningful new franchise to the FPS genre, that satisfies a player-driven need for realistic and immersive gameplay.”

Ready or Not at 1.0 launch will be available on Steam for $49.99/€49.99/£44.99.

Ready or Not puts players into high-risk and realistic scenarios involving SWAT teams. Defuse situations involving hostages, active bomb threats, barricaded suspects, and more. Ready or Not is rated ESRB M/PEGI18. For more information on Ready or Not, subscribe on YouTube, follow on Twitter, become a fan on Facebook, join our Discord, follow on TikTok, and visit

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