Tabletop gaming and AR technology combine in Spatial, Kickstarter campaign to be held later this month

Today, Spatial Gaming announced their breakthrough project that combines tabletop gameplay with augmented reality using holographic projection. This device plans on creating innovative multiplayer gaming through AR without the use of a headset and will have a Kickstart campaign in just a few weeks.

Spatial focuses on face-to-face play and is powered by iOS and Android devices such as iPads, tablets, and smartphones including iPhone 6 and Samsung 6 and up. Physical pieces are placed on the table and bring characters to life through its screen. There is also an integrated Joypad to control the characters in the environment you’ve created on your table.

Spatial’s observation is that the gaming market is overflowing with massive, anonymous content that for many is growing tiresome. They believe a counter trend is brewing towards a more interpersonal, local experience. Their product aims to satisfy the inclination for people to play analog games around the table but enrich it with the graphics from mobile. Spatial’s system merges the piece play from tabletop with the graphics and mechanics of mobile games creating what they call Mixed Reality. Spatial is one part gadget that converts a mobile device into a holographic gaming machine with a built in camera that integrates the physical pieces. The other part is an app that runs a host of games. Spatial Studios is joined by a growing set of content developers to create a mixed reality gaming market.

If the Kickstarter successful, Spatial will be released at a suggested retail price of $60 and it will come with 5 games, with additional games being available on Google Play and the Apple Store. The Kickstarter campaign will begin on August 14th, 2018. For more information, visit the official website.

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