Synth Riders celebrates 5-year anniversary with Synthwave Essentials 3 collection

Today marks 5 years since Synth Riders was first released via beta back in 2018. The rhythm VR game sets itself apart by focusing on full-body dance action gameplay. To celebrate, the team launched the Synthwave Essentials 3 collection which includes 5 free songs and 5 paid DLC titles.  Each song runs $1.99 individually or bundled for $7.99 USD.

Synth Riders - Synthwave Essentials 3 [Release Trailer] | Available from July 13

As a testament to our roots, and to celebrate Synth Riders’ 5th-anniversary, we are thrilled to present a new collection of synthwave classics called Synthwave Essentials 3. As an expression of gratitude to our incredible community, we are offering five free new songs and five paid songs as part of our anniversary pack. The pack includes classics from The Midnight and Zardonic’s rendition of the iconic “Blue Monday” by New Order.

Paid DLC:

  • “Behemoth” (Perturbator Remix) by GoST
  • “Blue Monday” (Synth Riders version) by Zardonic (feat. REEBZ)
  • “Jason” by The Midnight (feat. Nikki Flores)
  • “New Cydonia” by Starcadian (feat. Hayley)
  • “Sunset” by The Midnight

Free songs:

  • “Interstellar” by LeBrock
  • “A Matter of Time” by Ollie Wride
  • “Rendezvous” (VHS Dreams Remix) by Scandroid
  • “Sledge” by Dance With The Dead
  • “We Were Young” by PRIZM

In our PSVR2 review we scored it 95 out 0f 100 saying, “With incredible aesthetics and an ever-expanding soundtrack, Synth Riders continues to dominate the rhythm game beat. It’s accessible, fun, and an absolute must-have for anyone with a VR headset. Come on in – join the neon-soaked party.”

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