Sword & Sworcery is heading to the Nintendo Switch

The 8-bit inspired indie game, Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP, is heading to the Nintendo Switch, with a tentative release date of sometime during October. Initially released for iOS in 2011, Sword & Sworcery has since made the jump to Steam, where it has amassed mostly positive reviews since its release. Featuring magical, musical mysteries and puzzles to be solved, and Sword & Sworcery has a whole album worth of music created by noted composer Jim Guthrie.

The Switch version features:

  • An old-fangled mythopoetic journey
  • A warrior monk on a laid-back adventure in a bronze age mountain wilderness
  • Occasional hard-hitting battles
  • Mystical, musical puzzles to solve
  • Lavishly-pixelated mythopoetic storyworld to explore which is affected by real-life moon phases
  • Original music created by the legendary composer Jim Guthrie
  • Play however you’re comfortable: Use the Switch’s touch screen, the Joy-Cons, or a Pro controller

Head on over to the Nintendo website to learn more about this classic adventure game.

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