Swim with the fishes in Ultimate Fishing Simulator this month

Today, Big Golem and Ultimate Games S A announced that they will release the upcoming simulation game Ultimate Fishing Simulator on August 30 for PC. The game will emulate realistic water as well as different fish behavior for those who are purists and want to experience the joy of fishing indoors.

Though there are many simulators on the market, this project like no other. Developer’s passion and love for fishing led to creating a system unique amongst other productions. Ultimate Water System is a water behavior simulator that, on top of its high-end graphics, almost makes players feel the water splashing on their faces, while trying to catch the more vigorous fish.

“Many of our colleagues are passionate about fishing. No wonder they wanted to create the most realistic simulator in the history! Apart from the high-end graphics, advanced mechanics and day/night cycle, we decided to go all out and create a unique system of water behavior. We’re super proud, and we hope the players will appreciate it too!” Says Rafał Jelonek, Product Manager at Ultimate Games S.A.

Ultimate Fishing Simulator will provide realistic experience in every sense of the word. Apart from the high-end graphics, the players will use a vast range of realistic fishing equipment, play the advanced fishing mechanics and visit a few different ecosystems. The game will also feature a multiplayer, including online tournaments!

Check out the trailer above, and stay tuned for more news here on Gaming Trend.


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