Survive the raging river together in Super Mario Party’s new co-op mode

Mario Party has always had a pedigree for tearing friendships apart, and while Super Mario Party will have plenty of competition in store, its new mode, River Survival, hopes to bring friends together. You’ll work your way down a river, paddling via motion control, stopping along the way to play mini-games in order to win more time on the ever depleting clock during your quest for open waters. You can check out the full gameplay demo above ahead of Super Mario Party’s release on October 5th. Stay tuned to Gaming Trend for more on Super Mario Party and everything else this industry has to offer.

Abram is an aspiring games journalist with a soft-spot for titles published by a particular company that starts with N, and ends with -intendo. When he's not playing, or writing about, video games, Abram is most likely ranting to no one in particular about various films he's seen, or grabbing the sketchpad to do a bit of drawing.

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