Super Sly Fox announce The Movies’ spiritual successor, Blockbuster Inc.

Developer Super Sly Fox and publisher Ancient Forge announced a new management sim game placing you in charge of your own movie studio. An announcement trailer was released including key features of the upcoming title. No specific release date has been set, but a 2023 window is scheduled. Check below for the announcement trailer:

Blockbuster Inc. - Game Announcement Trailer

–BUILDING your own movie studio: The freedom is all yours to build your own studio from the ground up. Decide where to put the writers’ room and what amenities the producers should have when working out their busy schedules.

HIRING the best talent: No movie can be a true hit without at least one superstar on the poster! Scout the up-and-coming talent and sign them early to bring in the masses to the theaters.

DESIGNING grand thematic sets: A spooky horror flick or a family-friendly comedy? Each of those will require a vastly different set designed by you. Once you’re done, make sure to upload your setup to Steam Workshop for others to use and admire.

PRODUCING jaw-dropping films: Compromise between the director’s and the screenwriter’s visions to deliver the final cut to the box office on time.

EARNING the big bucks: Break the bank by creating a multi-season TV series, a one-hit-wonder blockbuster movie, or by providing the hottest music videos for the label houses.

EXPERIENCING cinema history: Each passing decade affects the gameplay and visuals accordingly, from the way your employees and stars dress, the vehicles they drive, as well as their physical attributes. Random and historical events will spice things up for your studio.

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