Super Planet to attend 2024 PlayX4 B2B: Showcasing 11 titles including 5 unreleased new games

Super Planet is known for its many quality mobile games, winning awards like Google Play’s 2018 Innovative Game of the Year. Their new idle RPG, Lucid Adventure Warriors, sets itself apart from the competition with its art and world-building. Demon Hunt Knight, on the other hand, is a multiplayer experience where you can gain the trust of town NPCS with your friends. If you are interested in learning more, read below:

Super Planet to Showcase 11 Titles Including 5 Unreleased New Games at 2024 PlayX4 B2B

Super Planet (CEO Park Sung-eun) has announced its participation in the upcoming ‘2024 PlayX4 B2B’ at KINTEX Hall 1 in Ilsan from May 23rd to 26th.

Since its founding in 2012, Super Planet has developed and released numerous acclaimed mobile games globally, including Videogame Guardians, Lucid Adventure, and Airship Knights: Idle RPG. The company’s development prowess has been recognized with accolades, such as Google Play’s 2018 Innovative Game of the Year. Super Planet continues to release mobile games annually.

Super Planet has successfully published indie games from Korea, such as Evil Hunter Tycoon, Sword Master Story, and Demigod Idle: Rise of a Legend, globally, achieving over 25 million cumulative downloads. Additionally, the company leads the globalization of indie games by expanding its business to service overseas indie games in various countries.

Capitalizing on its successful launches of both proprietary and indie titles, Super Planet has been increasing the number of annual releases since 2020, with revenues steadily rising. Notably, over 70% of its total revenue comes from overseas markets, establishing its competitiveness as a global game publisher. Key revenue-generating countries include Korea, the USA, Canada, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Europe, and Southeast Asia. The company is currently focused on entering the Chinese market.

At the 2024 PlayX4 event, Super Planet will unveil 11 titles, including five unreleased new games. Attendees will have the opportunity to play three in-development titles: Lucid Adventure Warriors, Videogame Guardians Survival, and Monstaurant, as well as two publishing titles: Demon Hunt Knights and Cooking Cats & Secret Recipe.

Lucid Adventure Warriors is a growth (idle RPG) game based on the popular Naver Webtoon Lucid Adventure. The game features attractive characters and a compelling world, offering a well-made gaming experience where players can automatically engage in battles with Lucid Adventure characters and monsters. This title distinguishes itself from other idle games with its high-quality art and immersive world, straightforward yet solid gameplay, and new features like a marketplace system from traditional MMORPGs.

Demon Hunt Knights is a roguelike shooting action RPG featuring seven hunters. Players travel on a time-space ship across the continent, defeating demons with luck-based hunters. The game offers new battles every time with randomly generated maps and items. Players can enjoy exciting combat by collecting over 100 weapons and teaming up with friends in a 4-player multiplayer system to challenge dungeons and build relationships with NPCs in the town.

Demon Hunt Knights will begin pre-registration at the 2024 PlayX4. In collaboration with Super Planet, it aims for a global release in Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau.

Super Planet expressed its desire to offer various events and experiences for attendees to enjoy and engage with their games at the exhibition. They also aim to introduce Super Planet to indie game developers to explore more collaboration opportunities and expand their network.

Furthermore, Super Planet plans to participate in the 2024 ChinaJoy event to provide successful global release games with opportunities to enter the Chinese mainland and achieve continued success.

Hosted by Gyeonggi Province and organized by the Gyeonggi Content Agency and KINTEX, the 2024 PlayX4 B2B event will feature new releases and experiences from domestic and international game companies under the theme “More than the Fun of Games.” The event will include a retro market, e-sports competitions, and cosplay events.

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