Super Bomberman R blows everyone away with a surprise update that adds new characters and stages

Konami has took everyone by surprise with the launch of more content for Super Bomberman R. This update includes four new characters for all systems, and several characters exclusive for select systems. Players will also have access to three new Castlevania-inspired stages and a new game rule.

For all systems, players will have access to Alucard Bomber, Mimi and Nyami Bomber, Upa Bomber, and Caesar Bomber. PlayStation 4 players will have exclusive access to Toro Bomber and Pipo Monkey Bomber. Xbox One players will have exlusive access to Arbiter Bomber and Grunt Bomber. And finally, Steam players will have access to ATLAS Bomber. In addition, 8 Shiny bombers are available on all platforms to be unlocked.

The three new Castlevania-inspired stages, Basic, Bloody Tears, and Castlevania, are introduced alongside a new game rule, Civilian, and special online timed-events where players can earn double gem/BP for playing online. In Civilian mode, players have to guide Balloms back to your team base.

This free update is now available for everyone that owns Super Bomberman R. For more information, visit the official website.

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