Strange Brigade’s three-part “Thrice Damned” DLC reaches its conclusion, Great Pyramid of Bes now available

The final installment of the Thrice Damned DLC for Strange Brigade has finally been completed with the launch of Thrice Damned III: Great Pyramid of Bes. This campaign mission has been released alongside the Maharani Huntress Character Expansion Pack, which contains the new playable character, Anjali Khan.

The thrilling conclusion to the Brigade’s downloadable developments is here!

Campaign mission THRICE DAMNED III: GREAT PYRAMID OF BES is available now via the Season Pass or to buy separately. And, as revealed in today’s new trailer, an old foe is back to terrorize once more – or should we say, thrice more!

Luckily the Brigade have another new hero in their employ. Introducing tracker extraordinaire Anjali Khan! Secretly a ruler of a prosperous Indian state, Anjali has vowed revenge against the curse that took her family. To help her do just that, she’s brought the Brigade some devilishly destructive new gear…

Yes, the MAHARANI HUNTRESS CHARACTER EXPANSION PACK is also out now! Not only does it feature Anjali Khan as a new playable hero, it also bundles in her amulet power Spear of the Ice Age, the special item Cluster Grenade, and the Audley A40 Exemplar SMG and Eastleigh M1 rifle. Like the THRICE DAMNED III, it’s available right now via the Season Pass or to buy separately.

In addition to the new campaign mission and the new character expansion pack, two freebies have been released including two new modes, two Score Attack levels, Great Pyramid II and Afterlife II, and a new horde map called Void. The first of these new modes is Photo Mode, which allows players to stop and smell the flowers, or take pictures of them. The second is Extreme Mode, a new difficulty level not made for the faint of heart.

Strange Brigade’s Thrice Damned III: Great Pyramid of Bes DLC is available now to purchase separately or through the season pass. For more information, visit the official website. Want to know our thoughts on Strange Brigade? Check out our review here.

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