Stop the robotic rampage as Android Hunter A heads to PC this month

Today, Digiplox Studios announced that the action-platformer game Android Hunter A will be released for PC on November 26. The game is inspired by classic side-scrolling games like Mega Man X and will feature a blend of robot-wrecking action and some precise platforming.

A robotic uprising swarms the streets, slowly dismantling all that humans have created. It’s up to you, an advanced Android Hunter to fight back and dismantle the corrupt creations – no matter who stands against you.

Experience an action-packed adventure filled with ever-changing leaderboards and fully animated cinematic cutscenes. Hone your playstyle with a wide selection of varied abilities and cosmetics to make the ultimate cyborg destroying Android Hunter!

Revitalising classic hallmarks of beloved sidescrolling platformers of the past, Android Hunter A is a well-oiled machine of fast-paced action, smooth platforming and deadly bosses.

This ambitious project seeks to revisit the nostalgia of classic action-platformers with its own contemporary style.

Vijay Kumar, Lead Developer of Android Hunter A, said: “We grew up playing and loving the Megaman X series, and the big question for us was how could we take the fundamental elements of a Megaman X game, and innovate in a way that doesn’t take anything away from the core experience.”

“We believe the classic sidescrolling shooter formula goes hand in hand with fighting games, so we immediately looked to Tekken and Street Fighter as inspirations to find new ways to bring the retro style into the next generation.”

“In addition to a brand new visual aesthetic, stage ranks and character customizability, Android Hunter A introduces new gameplay mechanics that reward skill based play and revitalizes retro platforming!”

Android Hunter A will be launching onto PC via Steam on November 26th.

Check out the trailer above, and stay tuned for more news here on Gaming Trend.

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