Steel and magic collide in Warhaven’s Premiere Trailer at Summer Game Fest 2023

Nexon Korea is developing a new PVP medieval brawler titled, Warhaven. The gameplay style will be 16 v 16 battles between two clashing factions. The reveal trailer dropped at today’s SGF along with a demo announcement. Players will be able to check out Warhaven during Steam Next Fest which runs from June 19 to June 26. To learn more, check down below:

워헤이븐 - SGF 2023 공식 트레일러

Set to the atmospheric sounds of Tribal Blood’s “Keep on Fighting,” the trailer seamlessly blends cinematic sequences with in-game footage, showcasing a diverse array of playable characters, including soldiers and Immortals. Each character boasts a unique roster of abilities that will be available during the game’s Early Access launch later this year. The trailer also offers a sneak peek at the latest character, Hush, who was not available during Warhaven’s Global Beta Test last October, promising to add an exciting layer of strategy to the game.

Warhaven is a thrilling big-team PvP brawler that immerses players in epic 16 vs. 16 objective-based battles between two factions, the Alliance and the Mara, within the medieval fantasy world of Herarth. Engage in intense combat as you wield a variety of lethal weapons, including swords, spears, maces, shields, and the legendary magical might of the Immortals, to conquer your rivals. Prepare for visceral carnage in large-scale, squad-based clashes that will test your skills and teamwork.

“We were thrilled to see Warhaven during Summer Game Fest! We know there is an appetite for medieval-fantasy action in the PvP space and Warhaven is an answer to that. Throughout the summer we will share a number of videos with our audience highlighting different characters, large-scale battles and everything that sets Warhaven apart” Said Game Director Lee Eun-seok. “We are excited to welcome players to the Early Access trial of Warhaven at Steam Next Fest starting June 19th, where they will be able to experience the wide range of combat possibilities the game can offer.”

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