Stardew Valley’s next update progress: single player content completed, focus now on multiplayer

Last night, the ConcernedApe twitter account gave everyone progress on the highly anticipated multiplayer update coming to Stardew Valley.

The picture shared in the tweet shows four players farming together. There are a few easter eggs hidden as well such as a flamingo (possibly acting as a scarecrow?), multicolored boxes for different players, and individual houses. These houses each have a different design, hinting that you could choose what materials to make the guest houses out of.

This long-awaited multiplayer update should be coming soon if this tweet is any indication. It’s also been confirmed that players will be able to not only invite others onto their farm, but marry them as well. Why anyone would want to marry a real person instead of Abigail is one mystery I’ll never solve in my lifetime.

The new content including the multiplayer update for Stardew Valley will be released in the upcoming months for all consoles. Multiplayer will be available via both LAN and online, but couch co-op is out of the question. For more information and updates, follow ConcernedApe’s Twitter account.

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