Star Realms: Rise of Empire – a legacy expansion – launches today on Kickstarter

Wise Wizard Games launched their latest Star Realms campaign on Kickstarter today! Here’s a rundown on what you can find in Star Realms Rise of Empire:

A Star Empire vs Trade Federation 13-game legacy campaign! 3 New Factions! Upgrade Cards! Compatible with all Star Realms sets!

This 2-6 player game starts as epic 2-player, 12-scenario legacy campaign. When the campaign is done, Rise of Empire can be played again and again as a customized 2-6-player Star Realms set that is fully compatible with all other Star Realms sets.

  • Rise of Empire Infinite Replay Kit – This 180-card set has everything you need to reset and replay your Rise of Empire campaign as many times as you like! This kit allows legacy play without using stickers.
  • A Kickstarter Exclusive Scenario – A 13th Scenario for Rise of Empire with 3 Kickstarter Exclusive Promo cards!
  • Kickstarter Exclusive Stretch Goal Promo Cards – We’ve designed a ton of awesome promo cards for you to unlock!

Not convinced yet? We got an in-depth look at Rise of Empire at Origins last month:

ORIGINS 2022 Preview⏤Star Realms Rise of Empire

We’ll be touching base with Rob and the Wise Wizard team at Gen Con in a couple of weeks and should get some more hands-on with this stellar new expansion to the hit deck builder. In the meantime, back it now!

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