Speed Crew, a chaotic co-op game for Switch and PC, set to begin racing in June

Speed Crew, described as Overcooked with more oil, is racing onto the Switch and PC on June 6th, 2023. This chaotic co-op game will have players work together as members of a pit crew during a hectic race. Mechanics will need to change tires, refuel vehicles, and fix damaged areas all while dodging moving floors, dealing with weather changes, and more. You can read below for more details:

Ukraine, March 7th, 2023 – Drivers, start your engines! Got what it takes to jump into the racing boots of an elite motorsports crew? Issuing the challenge is games developer Wild Fields, which is excited to announce that Speed Crew cruises onto Nintendo Switch on June 6, 2023. A pit crew-inspired party game, Speed Crew delivers an experience that is equal parts spontaneous chaos and effective strategy. Suiting up as a member of a racing team’s pit crew, up to four players must replace tires, repair damage, and aim to get their drivers back in the race before time is up.

Speeding straight into the action on race day, mechanics will need to handle a range of tasks, including tire changes, refuelling, and taking a hammer to damaged surfaces. With over 40 different ways to fix cars, many of which involve multi-step processes, only the most well-oiled crews will have what it takes to reach the checkered flag. This is no leisurely Sunday drive, as they contend with dynamic environments too. Moving floors, sudden weather changes, and locking gates all grease the wheels of complexity to even the most simple seeming pit stop. There’s no way to know what repairs each car needs until they enter the pit box, so even an organised pit crew can be thrown into chaos, and split-second decision-making could be the difference between victory or defeat.

Teamwork is the main driver in order to survive the bumps in Speed Crew’s road. Offering options for both local and online cooperative play with up to four players, Speed Crew delivers a race-winning co-op experience no matter where in the world your crew is. There’s even an option to give underperforming crewmates a quick slap if inspirational words don’t do the trick! Speed Crew leans into its vibrant aesthetic by offering an extensive range of both character and vehicle customisation options because we all know the only thing more important than nailing the perfect pit stop is doing it in style. If that wasn’t enough, the game pays homage to the legends of motorsports with distinct levels set in the 1970s, 1980s and beyond, where style was just as important as speed.


*Control a chaotic race day pit crew and fix cars in over 48 levels
*Replace engines, change tires, hammer out dents and much more
*Dynamic stage hazards ensure that no two pit stops are the same
*There’s no I in team! Communication and cooperation are crucial to victory on track
*Become a smooth operator with a wide variety of customisation options

Speed Crew will cross the finish line and arrive on Nintendo Switch June 6th. To stay on the apex of the project, follow the team on Twitter and join the community on Discord.

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