Sonic Superstars: Speed Strats premiere episode focuses on the single player experience

Following the recent release of Sonic Superstars, SEGA dropped the first episode in a series they’re titling “Speed Strats.” The purpose of these videos is to offer tips and tricks to players looking to get more out of their blue-haired hedgehog experience. Episode 1 focuses on the single player experience and the cast of playable characters to serve as an introduction. To keep up to date on all things Sonic Superstars, stay tuned to GamingTrend!

  • Core Four – Players can step into the role of Sonic, Tails, Knuckles or Amy to experience the single player campaign a little bit differently every time. With each character harnessing unique abilities, such as Sonic’s Drop Dash and Tails’ power to fly, Knuckles’ super strength, and Amy Rose’s Double Jump move, fans can experience new aspects of each of the game’s Zones depending on who they choose.

  • Plus One More! – After completing Sonic Superstars’ Story Mode, a fifth character, Trip, is unlocked in her very own single player campaign called Trip’s Story – packed with even tougher enemies and obstacles!

  • Other Experiences to Enjoy – Single-players can test their skills in Time Attack Mode to get the fastest time possible in different Zones, Battle Mode to challenge friends and players around the world in a variety of mini-games, or in special Character Act stages which are designed uniquely for each of the four main heroes and their abilities.

Sonic Superstars is now available both digitally and physically starting at $59.99 USD on PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch™ family of systems, as well as digitally on PC. Also, sign up for our newsletter by January 31, 2024 to earn a classic, redefined skin for Amy Rose in Sonic Superstars. Please visit the Sonic Superstars official website for full terms and conditions.



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