Sneak Energy brings the boys to the yard — Get your Sneak Milkshakes!

After an odd silence in the middle of the year, Sneak Energy has been working overtime. Hydrate hit the US, Rocket Punch is coming shortly, and now we have something I wouldn’t have thought of– Milkshakes! These aren’t just a small drop either, but with three flavors dropping alongside merch on August 31st. As we get new info we will share it, until then, grab your Sneak Energy and Hydrate via the handy links below!

You can pick up Sneak Energyyour Yuzu & Mandarin tubs, and if you want to try it out, your starter kits, here. Discount code: GAMINGTREND15 for 15% off when you spend over $50.

Are you ready to take your energy game to a whole new level? Get ready to savor the sensational flavors and energizing vibes of Sneak’s latest innovation – the Sneak Shake Milkshake! Simply mix with the milk of your choice, shake it up, and unleash your secret weapon for all-day energy.

Say hello to Sneak’s bold three tantalizing Milkshake flavors:

🍦Vanilla Sneak Shake: Don’t be fooled by its name – this vanilla is far from ordinary. Creamy, classic, and a certified crowd-pleaser. Mix it up with the milk of your choice and redefine what “vanilla” truly means.

🍇 Raspberry Creamsicle Sneak Shake: Get ready for a fruity, creamy flavour with a sharp tangy twist. A burst of raspberry goodness combined with smoothness.

☕ Caramel Latte Sneak Shake: Take your regular caramel latte, ditch the sugar and throw in a load of vitamins, minerals and amino acids instead. Did Sneak just create the perfect healthy alternative to your morning coffee? You betcha. Mix with the milk of your choice and enjoy your new favourite coffee-flavoured caffeinated coffee alternative.

Milkshake Merch also available; ranging from Pink Shakers to Limited Edition t-shirts.

Stay tuned to Gaming Trend for more Sneak Energy news and info!

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