Sneak Energy announces Sneak Hydrate, a caffeine-free formula, available now

I actually asked for a hydration formula of Sneak in our review last year, feeling like it and a tea flavor were the missing pieces to an already great line up. After Peach Iced Tea reappeared, Sneak had another surprise. Sneak Hydrate is now available in the UK, in Raspberry Lemonade, Electric Mango, and Cherry Bomb. I for one love this, a caffeine-free drink that allows me to slurp up Sneak Energy all the time. UK, grab yours via the link below, and US, stay tuned alongside me for early June!

You can get your own Sneak Hydrate via this link!

You can pick up Sneak Energy, your Blue Raspberry tubs, and if you want to try it out, your starter kits, here via the links provided!

Sneak Energy has just dropped a game-changing product that is sure to get you hyped but without the caffeine –  So now you can drink Sneak anytime of the day or night, you’re welcome.

Introducing; Sneak Hydrate, the ultimate hydration drink that supports energy + focus without the need for caffeine!

As Sneak is already causing a stir in the energy drink market with their unique blend of natural ingredients, Sneak Hydrate offers a guilt-free, caffeine-free way to stay hydrated and energized throughout the day – especially on those long gaming sessions.

Including 5 types of Electrolytes, Coco Mineral & Zinc Core Chelate, Sneak Hydrate is packed with a powerful blend of ingredients that promote hydration, replenishes lost minerals, reduces fatigue, and supports cognitive function. It is truly time to say goodbye to caffeine crashes and hello to a more natural way of staying energized.

What’s more, Sneak Hydrate comes in three mouth-watering flavors;

⁕ Raspberry Lemonade 🥤

⁕ Electric Mango 🥭

⁕ Cherry Bomb 🍒

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