Snag one of the limited quantity Heroes of Barcadia Kickstarter Editions while supplies last

There are currently limited quantities of the Heroes of Barcadia Kickstarter Edition and the Heroes of Barcadia Party Pack Kickstarted Edition via Fans won’t want to wait as once they are gone, these editions won’t be available again. Along with both editions, accessories themed after Heroes of Barcadia are available to purchase as well. Check below for more info:

This is your last chance to get Heroes of Barcadia with all of the unlocked extras from the Kickstarted campaign, including:

— Additional Rooms, Loot Cards, and Power-up Cards

–Printed bottle cap trap tokens with cloth drawstring bag

–Turn Tracker

–Liquornomicon, featuring backer submitted drink recipes

–Rope handle

— Heroes of Barcadia sticker sheets

Heroes of Barcadia Kickstarter Edition Base Game – $90

Game includes:

–6 Health Bar Cups

–60 Room Tiles

–82 Loot Cards

–5 DIY Loot Cards

–34 Power-Up Cards

–15 Trap Tokens

–6 20-sided Dice

–6 Reference Cards

–1 Rulebook

–1 Turn Tracker

–6 Signature Move Cards

–10 House Rule Cards

–1 Drink Recipe Book

–All game components are waterproof

Heroes of Barcadia Kickstarter Edition Party Pack – $30

Add two more adventurers to your party! Includes:

–2 Health Bar Cups

–18 Room Tiles

–34 Loot Cards

–10 Power-Up Cards

–2 20-sided Dice

–2 Signature Move Cards

–2 Reference Cards

–All game components are waterproof

–Expansion only, does not include base game

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