Snag an E3 Steam key for skating game Wave Break by joining Kinda Funny’s Discord

Kinda Funny Games debuted a new trailer at E3 today for their high-octane, action filled, fresh take on classic skating games. It’s inspired by games such as Tony Hawk Pro Skater, Wave Race 64, and Twisted Metal. The Alpha Multiplayer Playtest will run throughout the duration of E3. Anyone who joins their Discord ( will immediately obtain a Steam key to participate in the same E3 Alpha Multiplayer event online.

Here is what we know so far:

Built-from the ground up for multiplayer, Wave Race takes place in a chaotic, 80s Miami Vice-style mafia-esque world, where you can perform tricks on boats and shoot down your opponents, all to a chill, original synthwave soundtrack.

Game Features:

  • Tony Hawk style gameplay with boats, guns, explosion and a splash of cold-blooded murder
  • Engaging full single player campaign in a Miami Vice themed mafia world
  • Local split-screen and online multiplayer with seamless drop-in play
  • Various game modes, co-op and ranked play
  • Great soundtrack compilation of 80s-style synthwave artists
  • Extensive character, boat and tricks customization
  • Custom built streamer friendly invite features, game modes, and more
  • Continued support post launch with additional content and in-game events
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