Smooth like butter — BTS WORLD gets a second anniversary update

Today, Netmarble announced a second anniversary update to BTS WORLD which is available today. Now in its second year, the popular mobile game features your favorite BTS members with new challenges available, including a new story chapter that features them working on one of their most popular albums, Map of the Soul: 7.

The new update includes:

  • BTS STORY Chapter 18, which portrays the members working on Map of the Soul: 7
  • New archive system where player’s can gather in-game videos in one place
  • An unpublished video that will be available in the archive upon mission achievement
  • New 5-star cards
  • Star Card UP Event which increases the probability of star cards until July 6
  • 25-day Challenge Event to get ‘2nd Anniversary 5-Star Card Selector’
  • Second Anniversary Push Event
  • 7-day Check-in Event
  • Bonus time event with buff to draw gold and level-up
  • Free wings draw event, letting players draw wings for free every four hours
  • Free gems draw event, letting players draw gems for free every six hours
  • Special in-store item package sales

Fly BTS Ep. 2 Farm Boys is available until July 6 at 14:00 KST, it depicts farming episodes on the second shooting day of BTS Special Experience Project and players can receive EXP by clearing missions.

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