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It’s an absolutely wild concept, but I love it. We’re already engaged visually, audibly, and physically with video games, why not olfactorily? GameScent gives you the opportunity to “smell” your games, using AI to bring the battlefield, race track, or even a walk in the woods to your nose. It even works with your console!  You can now buy yours, just follow these links- and

GameScent is a groundbreaking new device that fully enhances player immersion by automatically releasing scents that correspond with gameplay, without the need for any specific game development. As players dive into a game, GameScent’s patent-pending adaptor captures audio in real-time. These real-time audio cues are processed by GameScent’s innovative AI to release scents that correspond with the on-screen action. Inhale the smoky aroma of battle, the exhilarating scent of speeding race cars, the calming fragrance of a forest, or the fresh smell of rain after a storm. Developed by a team with extensive backgrounds in consumer electronics, health and wellness, and gaming, GameScent is fully compatible with gaming consoles, PC and VR.

“Studies have shown that the sense of smell imprints in long-term memory more strongly than anything else”, said Casey Bunce, President. “With GameScent, we’re hoping to elevate gamers’ experiences to be more exciting and memorable than they ever have been before.”

GameScent allows players to experience the atmosphere of their games more vividly with a diverse Scent Palette that includes:

  • Gun Fire: Experience the intensity of a firefight.

  • Explosion: Feel the magnitude of a blast.

  • Racing: Sense the speed and thrill of the track.

  • “Clean Air”: instantly neutralizes any scents in the room.

  • Storm: Immerse yourself in the fresh smell after a storm.

  • Forest: Connect with the soothing aura of nature.

These easy-to-swap cartridges keep the sensory adventure going while the Air Neutralizer allows players to manually trigger “Clean Air” to neutralize all scents after a gaming session. Additional scents will also be available for purchase separately in the future, such as Blood, Ocean, Sports Arena, and Fresh Cut Grass.  All of GameScent’s cartridges feature scents created alongside world-class perfumists to deliver a best in class experience.

GameScent will be attending this year’s PAX East with a dedicated booth #11038. PAX East attendees will be able to experience GameScent along with giveaways and more.

GameScent is available now on and

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