Slap the roof of your car and head to LA for a special Amazon Prime day event with Deadmau5, PUBG and free games

Gamers unite! Amazon has recently announced that it will hold a special Prime day unboxing event tomorrow at 11 AM PST in Los Angeles featuring some prominent PUBG streamers as well as EDM artist Deadmau5, who will be performing during the event. For those that can’t make the drive to LA, the event can be streamed through the official PUBG Twitch channel, while Twitch has also announced a continuation of its free games promotion.

The Los Angeles Unboxing Prime Day event is happening tomorrow, July 13 in Downtown LA. Twitch Prime is teaming up with PUBG and deadmau5 for a day-long event featuring a PUBG Squad Showdown with popular streamers Shroud, Dr DisRespect, Anne Munition, and more. Plus, deadmau5 will debut and perform a brand-new set of music that you won’t want to miss! Audiences at home can watch everything on the official PUBG Twitch channel.

The full entertainment lineup includes:

  • Live performances from deadmau5, featuring brand-new music
  • Action-packed PUBG battles between squads of celebrities and top streamers
  • Streamers participating include: Shroud, DrDisRespectLIVE, AnneMunition, Chocotaco, chad, anthony_kongphan,
  • Ashek, Lil_Lexi, DizzyKitten, Tsm_viss, Luzu, Tsm_smak, GoldGlove, GiantWaffle, N0thing, and Trick2g
  • Reveal of exclusive PUBG in-game content for Twitch Prime members
  • Huge giveaways and online participation for viewers at home

This year’s Amazon Prime day will take place on July 16, while Twitch has offered a free game to download every day until the 18th, with Tacoma being the most recent addition. Stay tuned for more news here on Gaming Trend.

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