Skylanders Ring of Heroes full trailer revealed, game currently in pre-registration

Today, Com2uS revealed the full trailer for their upcoming mobile RPG, Skylanders Ring of Heroes. The feature, along with other familiar faces, features Spyro, who will apparently being having more adventures than his Reignited Trilogy this year.

The trailer features several characters from the series such as Master Eon – the leader of Skylands, Spyro – tough, yet adorable dragon, Eruptor – made of flaming rocks, and Kaos – the portal master. For pre-registering on the official website, fans will earn 200 gems 10,000 gold. This bonus applies to both iOS and Android devices, but anyone that pre-registers on Google Play will earn an additional 50,000 gold.

Skylanders Ring of Heroes is the first mobile RPG for the Skylanders series. It is currently available to pre-register with special bonuses on the official website. There is not yet a set release date for the game, but it will be released soon.


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