Six Temples, a competitive fantasy-action game on PC, to have private beta on October 25th

Competitive fantasy-action game Six Temples will be having a private beta on October 25th featuring matches with up to 36 players. In these matches, players will compete in procedurally-generated maps to fight for territory.

The title brings engaging melee combat, jaw-dropping magic abilities, incredible and diverse battle characters, competitive timed matches, and environmental destruction all in robust procedurally-generated arenas.

The private beta will feature:

  • Three heroes to choose from: The Barbarian, The Wizard, and The Mercenary
  • One full-sized dynamic map, Arcopolis, and a training mode, The Lookout
  • Competitive conquests with three teams of 12 players
  • Templies, shrines, and magical artifacts hidden in the landscape
  • Melee and physics-based combat

The private beta for Six Temples will be held on October 25th. Players can still sign up for it on the official website.

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