Signs of the Sojourner kicks off Indiegogo campaign with free demo

It’s a great time for deckbuilders, and the upcoming Signs of the Sojourner looks like both an exciting new entry in the genre and a genuinely new approach to it. In Signs of the Sojourner, you set off on a journey to find goods revive your mother’s dilapidated shop, using cards not to fight the people you meet along the way, but to talk to them. By building sequences of cards, you steer the course of the conversations you have, which in turn shapes the larger course of your adventure.

Combining sleek card game mechanics, endearing dialogue from narrative designer Kevin Snow (Where the Water Tastes Like Wine, Pathologic 2) and an introspective journey of homesickness, growth, and tasty food – Signs of the Sojourner takes a look at how we communicate with the people around us, and how much we change for them.

A new demo released today lets players explore Signs of the Sojourner‘s gorgeously illustrated world, try out its card-based conversation system, and hear some of its chill, catchy soundtrack from the studio that scored Risk of Rain 2.

Developer Echodog Games is also launching a flexible funding Indiegogo campaign to support the game’s development. Signs of the Sojourner doesn’t have a final release date, and funds from the campaign will help determine its scope.

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