Show your support for your favorite character with the Closers Pandimensional Update

With the new character event finishing up a few weeks ago, En Masse Entertainment has announced a new set of community events for the online beat-em-up Closers. Entitled the Pandimensional Update, the PC brawler will have various events as well as updates to the level cap and character skins offered.

The new additions announced are as follows:

  • Pandimensional Event: The alternate, pandimensional Closers have come over to our world! After a brief (but heated) debate, the Closers are turning to their peers to settle the score! Players will be able to put in a vote every two days in two different polls, culminating in the announcement of the best boy and girl. Once voting has ended, every player will receive a code for a free in-game poster, featuring the winners, that they can place in their housing areas.
  • Closers Day: This one day event gives players a variety of in-game buffs and bonuses.
  • Refit Sky Ship Event: From March 20 until April 2, players will be able to get a special support box containing a small plum, soda, three-day versions of accessories such as, crimson rocket wings, Cawdor’s Glaring Eye, and more!
  • Pandimensional Closer Skins: For a limited time only, Pandimensional Closer Skins are available absolutely free on your profile page! Select “Change Character Skin” to change your character portrait and skill cut-ins! Grab these skins while you can, because they’re only available until Monday, April 2, at 10 p.m. PDT.
  • New Level Cap: All currently available characters can now reach level 75! Head to the new Refit Sky Ship sector to work your way up to the new level cap. Earn a celebration box containing a hyper-clocked equalizer, 10 luck stabilizers, and a one-day victory talisman.
    Craftable Stamina Potions: You can now craft three stamina potions per week, per account! Make sure to use your crafted stamina potions right away; these potions expire after 24 hours.

Additionally, Closers fans anxiously awaiting the reveal of the Tina versus Harpy character contest will just have to wait a tiny bit longer. The winner of the character contest voted on by the Closers community will be revealed on April 3… so stay tuned!

Check out the character gallery above, and stay tuned for more news here on Gaming Trend.

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