Shoppe Keep 2 receives new trailer, showcases improvements made since early access launch in May 2018

Today, Excalibur Games released a new trailer for Shoppe Keep 2 that highlights all of the improvements made since the game went into Early Access back in May 2018. The trailer also takes a look at what it means to run a store and what you can do in and out of town.

In Shoppe Keep 2, the player runs their own store, building up their business empire and defending it from thieves. It can be played in single-player or with up to 4 players online. The player can also renovate and design the store, cook, fish, hunt for products, charm customers, and more.

The trailer takes players through the process of designing, merchandising and running the store, including the variety of activities players can take part in, in and out of the town. This spans from farming to fishing in the ocean and battling spiders in the forest. Upgrading the town of Customerania and balancing between 3 influential families trying to win over players’ loyalty are all in a day’s work.

A new update will be released today which will include orcs and elves, an updated “Violet Valley” biome, new enemies, new quests, bug fixes, and more. For more information on Shoppe Keep 2 or to purchase the Early Access version, visit the official Steam Page.

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