Sheldon Cooper may never leave VR — Toy Trains launches today in VR from Something Random

The second I saw there was a VR game where you could play with toy trains, my mind immediately went to The Big Bang Theory. While Sheldon Cooper may not be real, Toy Trains is, a VR game made by new studio Something Random, former SUPERHOT devs. The pedigree behind the game is phenomenal, and the trailer looks great. Check out all the details below.

Łódź, Poland – 16th January, 2024 – Something Random Studio – formed by the creative team behind smash hit SUPERHOT – is proud to announce the official launch of their new VR game Toy Trains, out now on PlayStation VR2, Meta Quest 3 and 2, and SteamVR.

Imagine rummaging through your grandparent’s attic and finding a magical miniature world. In Toy Trains, you’re invited to a creative playground straight out of a childhood fantasy – a limitless toy train set inhabited by pint-sized people that’s yours to build, decorate, and fall in love with, fully interactive and brought to immersive life as only VR can.

A passion project from the former developers of critically acclaimed SUPERHOTToy Trains is a playful miniature railway building game designed to flex your brain and unlock your imagination. Put on your VR headset and immerse yourself in Toy Trains Land, a storybook sandbox populated by loveable lost characters called Railies. Help them reconnect by making loops with tiny tracks and trains, sprucing up their world with gorgeous decorations (from splashes of water to adorable little farms), and solving a toy box full of open-ended challenges and puzzles.

Toy Trains is designed for everyone – from kids, grandparents, and everyone in between – so play at your own pace and take time to step back and admire your work. No timers, no score, no rush!

“In the end, I’m proud of how Toy Trains turned out to be,” said Marcin Jóźwik, Project Lead of Toy Trains. “We managed to build a place where you can wind down, stretch your creativity and just relax – track after track.”

For more information on Toy Trains, visit the game’s Steam or PlayStation page.

About Something Random

Something Random is a Polish VR development studio composed of former SUPERHOT devs. Rooted in Łódź’s creative scene, the team are looking for new ways to utilise VR’s unique qualities, digging deep in search of mechanics and solutions never seen before and creating “true VR games” for everyone – featuring high quality graphics, story, and gameplay.

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