Second edition of For the Queen set to release in May

For the Queen, the card-based storytelling game originally released in 2019 by Darrington Press, will receive a second edition on May 14th, 2024. This new edition features new art, improved packaging, refined prompt cards, and more, improving on the already critically-acclaimed game. For the Queen is a collaborative storytelling game for 2 to 6 players in which players taken the reins of royal confidants traveling with their Queen on a journey to a foreign land. You can learn more about For the Queen and the updates included in the second edition below:

LOS ANGELES, January 23, 2024 – Today Darrington Press, Critical Role’s publishing division, officially announced that they are publishing the second edition of highly-acclaimed card-based storytelling game For the Queen by award-winning game designer Alex Roberts, set to release on May 14, 2024. The new edition features completely new art, improved packaging, refined prompt cards, and more!

“I’m thrilled to share a fresh new version of For the Queen with Darrington Press,” said designer Alex Roberts. “Fans are going to love the new material – and I think we’ll be making some new fans too. For the Queen was always meant to be the roleplaying game you could play with anyone, any time. So you can imagine how stoked I am to bring it to a new and wider audience!”

A card-based collaborative storytelling game for 2 – 6+ players, For the Queen has players take on the role of royal confidants traveling with their Queen on a journey to a foreign land. Can you protect your Queen on this journey, or are you planning her demise? Choose your Queen from among 25 lavish illustrations — or create your own! — and use the guided question cards to build a story of love, betrayal, doubt, and devotion and start playing in minutes!

“We’re so happy to be working with Alex Roberts again, but this time on her own game!” said Head of Darrington Press, Ivan Van Norman, who also brought on Alex Roberts for additional design work on Darrington Press’s duel storytelling game, Till the Last Gasp. “For the Queen has already brought so many people together to tell great stories so we’re excited to bring this new offering to stores and homes everywhere. My favorite game sessions at conventions have been For the Queen.

Darrington Press has given this second edition of For the Queen a complete visual redesign, along with all-new artwork by a diverse group of talented artists, an enhanced magnetic box with a ribbon to hold the 91 cards, and improvements to the rules and question cards for even better, easier games.

Starting May 14, For the Queen will be available at Darrington Press Guild Stores, other friendly local game stores, as well as Critical Role’s online shops (US, UK, CA, AU, EU).

With Darrington Press fully embracing their “queen era”, Darrington Press Guild stores will carry special promo cards: six new Queen illustrations by Ameera Sheikh that reimagine the Princesses from Darrington Press’ deckbuilding board game Queen by Midnight in all their crowned queenly glory! The Darrington Press Guild is composed of special, curated retail stores that partner directly with the company and act as bastions of the local communities for Critical Role and Darrington Press. Guild stores can be found on the Darrington Press website, and retailers interested in joining the program can apply now.

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