Seagate preps next-gen NVMe with FireCuda 530 PCIe drive Gen4 SSD

At their Seagate Gaming Virtual Event this afternoon, the team announced a brand new entry into their FireCuda NVMe drive lineup, and boy it’s a doozy!  The FireCuda 530 is a PCIe Gen4 chip, offering a staggering 12x speed increase over SATA-based SSDs.  How fast is that?  Well, try 7300 MB/s read speeds — more than double that of Gen3 PCIe SSDs.

Jeff Fochtman, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Seagate Technology had this to offer:

“This is Seagate’s fastest and most powerful gaming SSD and we’re showcasing it at our first-ever virtual gaming event to put a stake in the ground. From the FireCuda 530, to our lineup of partners and guests at SG21, we’re here to take it all to the next level.”

Kat Silberstein, Chief Executive Officer, Americas for EKWB (the provider of the thermal management heat sink modules available on this drive) added this:

“We had an exciting challenge to design a custom heatsink with the objective of having both form and function – a product that was low profile for tighter builds but also provided thermal management, while maintaining the sleek design that both Seagate’s FireCuda line and EKWB are known for. The open, collaborative spirit of Seagate and EK is what has allowed the FireCuda 530 to really sing.”

The drive is available in capacities up to 4TB, and have a whopping 1.8 million hours of expected life, with a write life of 5100 Terabytes written.  That translates out to a full write and delete of 70% of the entire drive’s capacity every day for 5 years before it might hiccup.  Couple that with a five year warranty and an included 3-year data rescue service and you’ll be squared away.  It’s good to see manufacturers putting their backing behind their devices.

The Seagate FireCuda 530 ships this summer at $139.99 (500GB), $239.99 (1TB), $489.99 (2TB), and $949.99 (4TB) price points.  If you want to add the aforementioned heatsink, those prices are slightly higher at $159.99 (500GB), $259.99 (1TB), $539.99 (2TB), and $999.99 (4TB), respectively.

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