Sea of Thieves celebrates sixth anniversary with livestream extravaganza

Can a pirate even spell extravaganza? I’m not sure, but I feel like they’d love saying it. In any case, Sea of Thieves is six years old, and with that comes a lot of new updates. There are a lot of cool things in store, with the huge addition of PlayStation to the fleet, adding a lot of incoming sailors. Check out all of the info from the anniversary stream below as you batten down your hatches.

Today, Sea of Thieves is celebrating its sixth anniversary by sharing some exciting secrets on the horizon for 2024. Sea of Thieves has so much planned for the next few seasons, and you can get a first look by tuning in to the special 2024 Preview Event video live on their YouTube channel.

In honour of the six-year anniversary, Sea of Thieves is throwing a special in-game event, the Sixth Anniversary Celebration, which will go March 20th-25th. The celebration continues an Anniversary Sale kicking off today, which runs from March 20th-28th with discounts on cosmetics from Sea of Thieves: The Legend of Monkey Island and the Dark Warsmith collection.

Finally, the PlayStation 5 launch is just around the corner, which you can read more about in this recent article. Sea of Thieves Season 12 will launch on April 30th, and until then, you can enjoy the Preview Event, the Sixth Anniversary Celebration, and the time remaining to ramp up your Renown and unlock all Season 11 rewards!

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