Sayonara Wild Hearts released on Apple Arcade, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4, limited physical versions coming to consoles

Pop album video game sensation Sayonara Wild Hearts has been released on Apple Arcade, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4. In addition, a vinyl soundtrack and physical editions are available for pre-order.

In Sayonara Wild Hearts, players follow a young woman after she experiences heartbreak and finds her other self dubbed “The Fool” in an alternate universe. Play as The Fool and journey through a custom-written pop soundtrack, chase scores, and set out to find the harmony of the universe hidden away in the hearts of Little Death and her star-crossed allies: Dancing Devils, Howling Moons, Stereo Lovers and Hermit 64.

iam8bit’s PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch physical editions will be limited to 5,000 copies each and will be region-free with worldwide compatibility. Each package also includes an embroidered logo patch pack-in bonus.

The Sayonara Wild Hearts vinyl soundtrack will feature the music of award-winning composer and sound designer Daniel Olsén, composer Jonathan Eng, and vocalist Linnea Olsson pressed on two premium audiophile-grade black 180-gram discs.

Sayonara Wild Hearts is available on Apple devices via an Apple Arcade subscription and on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch for $12.99. For more information, visit the official website. We had a chance to check the game out at E3 2019. Read our preview here.

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