Sabrent RocketQ 2230 2TB is now on Amazon

If there’s a hot-ticket item for the Steam Deck, it has to be storage. And the hottest ticket in town is the RocketQ 2230 from Sabrent. While they’ve been exclusively available from Sabrent up till now, that all changed today. As of now, they are available via Amazon!

Beyond simple storage, these drives blow the pre-installed drives on the Steam Deck out of the water in terms of performance. The deck’s drive comes in at a pathetic 281MB/s read and 193 MB/s write for the 64GB version, and just over 2400 MB/s read and 1000 MB/s write for the 512 version. These Rocket drives live up to their name, delivering 3.5 GB/s read and 3.2 GB/s write — a huge advantage, especially for the emulation crowd that might be loading and unloading all sorts of tools and toys at any given time.

Available today, you can snap these up in 1TB and 2TB configurations. Speaking from experience, no matter how much you don’t think you’ll need it, storage seems to be at a premium with this little handheld. Unless you like juggling files, this is a must have.

Snap up your Rocket Q 2280 on Amazon right here.

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