Rule the world with strategy in King Under the Mountain’s Kickstarter campaign

Rocket Jump Technology has recently released a new Kickstarter campaign for its upcoming strategy game King Under the Mountain, which will need to raise £ 10,000 by August 16. The game is described as a settlement-building strategy game which features mod support and procedurally generated worlds.

From the game’s Kickstarter campaign:

Here’s some of the exciting features planned for the future of King under the Mountain:

  • Detailed production chains: Building on the groundwork of the prototype, crafting useful resources such as metal and beer will go through several detailed steps to simulate the real-life methods of producing them.
  • Player-driven crises: Not planted enough crops for the winter? You’ll have to find ways to deal with a food shortage. Lots of wealth without a strong military? Expect to be invaded by greedy neighbours. In King under the Mountain you’ll have to manage crises to keep your settlement running smoothly. Rather than these be randomly generated, they will generally be caused by choices and decisions made by the player.
  • Psychology and madness: Your settlers have their own thoughts and emotions which are dependent on how they live and what happens around them. Keep them happy or risk a spiralling descent into madness and destruction!
  • Cavern ecology: Large underground caverns will have flora and fauna to discover and make use of (such as giant mushrooms useful in place of trees) or even underground civilisations to trade or do battle with!
  • Mechanisms and automation: Dwarven ingenuity can unlock running water (through underground pipes) and systems of gears and mechanisms to automate manual work or even trigger traps.
    Trading and caravans: There’s a wider world beyond the settlement which you can trade with to help you prosper and grow.
    Weather and seasons: The weather will have a dramatic effect on your settlers and the world around them. Take shelter from the scorching heat in summer and freezing ice in winter or suffer the consequences.
  • Acquire prestige and renown: Starting off as the small colony of a larger kingdom, build and develop the grandeur of your settlement until you’re finally ready to declare independence and become master of your own destiny.
  • Off-map adventures and exploration: Send parties of adventurers to other locations – which could be randomly generated dungeons or even settlements crafted by other players. Find loot and resources to enrich your settlement, if you can return safely.

This is not a comprehensive or final list, but is intended to give you an idea of the vision for the future of the game.

For those interested, you can download a prototype of King Under the Mountain today. If funded, the game is planned for release next year on PC, Mac, and Linux. Stay tuned for more news here on Gaming Trend.

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