Rule the school with Trapper Keeper Game, exclusively at Target

From Big G Creative comes Trapper Keeper Game, a nostalgic game about stashing homework, class notes, and quizzes in a trapper keeper folder. The game is a throwback to the school days of the 80s and 90s.

The game challenges players to school the competition by collecting cards with the most points and stashing them in their Trapper Keeper® folders. Cards include homework, quizzes, parent signatures, report cards, detention slips, notes from classmates, and field trip slips. After the last bell card is played by the assigned Teacher’s Pet, the players tally up doodles and points to determine the winner. Players will enjoy reading the humorous student notes and clever content on the cards.

“Our new Trapper Keeper® Game has a retro feel that will appeal to adults who grew up in the ‘80s and ‘90s,” said Shannon Swindle, Product and Communications Manager, Big G Creative. “The game’s authentic Trapper Keeper® makes it a fun conversation piece, giving families the opportunity to share memories of their elementary and high school days.”

The game is packaged in an eye-catching reproduction of the iconic Trapper Keeper® notebook, complete with a Velcro® closure, and is available in three vintage designs including rainbow unicorn, palm tree sunset and psychedelic outer space—the artwork is inspired by the images that caused a stir when they were introduced to students in 1978.

The Trapper Keeper Game includes 81 school paper cards, 11 bell cards, five mini Trapper Keeper folders, a teacher’s pet marker, score pad and a pencil. It is available exclusively at Target for $16.99. For more information, visit the Big G Creative website.

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